CrossFit Open Intramural Results 18.4

March 21, 2018 Written by

CrossFit Open Intramural Results 18.4 are IN! Another close call this week! Remember, we take your nominations into account for the “Spirit of the Games” and “Hardest Worker” awards. So, after reading through the nominations and tallying the scores for our CrossFit Open Intramural, the results for 18.4 are in …. Your top three male/female finishers this week are: Women: Camilla (2Fit2Quit) Angela (Flexy Beasts) Megan... Read More

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CrossFit Games Open 18.2

March 1, 2018 Written by

One week down…four weeks to go! CrossFit Games Open 18.2 is ON! CrossFit Games OPEN 18.2 Reminders If you miss the OPEN workout on Fridays, you may may make it up Sundays during basic training between 9:30-10:30am. As always, review the workout movement standards and expectations at Please arrange for your own judge to meet you there. Note: coaches are not be able judge OPEN athletes during regular class times. If... Read More

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CrossFit Games OPEN 18.1

February 24, 2018 Written by

Wow, what a great start to the competition season! The CrossFit Games OPEN 18.1 was a huge success, energy at the box was OFF THE CHARTS! Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who came out to cheer on all the athletes. CrossFit Games OPEN 18.1 TEENS On Sunday, we have two registered Teens who will be attacking the OPEN 18.1 workout at 9:30am. If you’re around, come in and cheer them on! A few reminders for the... Read More

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Why A Training Partner Is The Best

February 1, 2018 Written by

Partner Up: Why A Training Partner Is The Best CrossFit is fun. CrossFit with friends is even more fun! Of course, the focus shouldn’t be lost on staying safe and reaching your fitness goals, but both of those elements can actually be improved with a training partner. Have you ever walked into a globo gym only to see individuals alone with headphones in staring aimlessly at the mirror? Everyone is active…actively avoiding social interaction. When... Read More

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Judging for the CrossFit Open

January 30, 2018 Written by

Judging for the CrossFit Open: What You Need to Know, by Lisa Ricker, PT, DPT and CF-L1, CF-L2 and CrossFit Judge So, the CrossFit Open is upon us! While most of us use it to see how we have improved year over year, it is, still, a competition. And in order to allow us to compare fairly to everyone else—whether against our age group, our region, or our box—we all have to conform to the same standards. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind... Read More

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Burpees: Why they Hurt So Good and New Standards

January 28, 2018 Written by

AMRAP in 7 minutes of burpees: CrossFit Games Open 12.1. The top score that year went to Danila Shokhin from Russia who busted out 161 reps in 7 minutes. Yes. For real. Will we see a repeat of 17.1? Whoever was around that year most likely will never forget that Open workout. Brutal. Grueling. Crashing face first into the floor. Legs buckling from underneath you. Clock ticking down. Yay, Burpees! Whenever burpees come up in a WOD, it’s often followed... Read More

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Clean Eating Meal Prep

January 25, 2018 Written by

On an epic hunt for healthy food every time you’re hungry? Find yourself scrounging through the kitchen feeling like you could eat anything in sight? This clean eating meal prep plan will give you the structure to make your own system work with your goals…not against them. Because, when you have access to clean, healthy food, and it’s conveniently around you…you’re more likely to make healthy choices and stick to your plan all week... Read More

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Deload Week: Why this Week is One of the Most Important

January 22, 2018 Written by

What is Deload Week? Deload week, also known as supercompensation, back-off week…or a breath of fresh air… is when we reduce the intensity, load and/or volume of training, typically the forth or fifth week of a training cycle. This applies to any programming, including CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. The quality of your recovery is just as important as the quality of your training. Why Do I Need to Deload? It’s no surprise that... Read More

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Hand Rips: Maintaining Your Hands for CrossFit

January 21, 2018 Written by

How to Prevent CrossFit Hand Rips You know you’re a CrossFitter when handshakes become a topic of conversation. Not only because of your strong grip, but because of those nasty little calluses and hand rips. It’s important (and easy) to make hand care a part of your training. Our hands have seen it all, we’ll show you the trick to keeping them rip-free! Between hanging on the bar for toes to bar and endless pullups, holding on to... Read More

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Why You Should Compete in the CrossFit Open

Written by

The CrossFit Open 2018 is upon us… If you’re new to CrossFit, don’t just tune out and assume that it’s only for the firebreathing CrossFit athletes. We know it might seem intimidating, but that’s why we’re here to support you and help you be the best version of yourself! February 22, 2018 will be here before we know it, so we’re getting you focused on it now! Here are just a few reasons why YOU (yes, you!) should... Read More

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