Meet the CrossFit Salus Owners and Coaches

Gino Salveo, CrossFit Salus Owner/CoachGino Salveo, Owner, Head CrossFit Salus Coach and TripleX Weightlifting Coach

Over 20 years in the fitness industry.

Born and raised in New York, I played in baseball and basketball leagues as a young teen and then fell in love with fitness and cycling. I started riding BMX but then started mountain biking and haven’t stopped. In my late 20s I competed in downhill racing and Bike Trials.

I started pursuing my passion for health and fitness in 1996 after finishing my tour with the Coast Guard in northern California. I have been certified with NASM, NSCA and I am currently a CrossFit level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Kids, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and USA Weightlifting (USAW) Advanced Performance Coach (Level 2 Certified).
I fully embrace coach Glassman’s letter on virtuosity (doing the common, uncommonly well) and the value of fundamentals. My wife and I are committed to bringing the highest level of service we can to our athletes and community. We look forward to working with you soon.


Angela Salveo, CrossFit Salus CoachAngela Salveo, Owner, CrossFit Salus Coach, Foundation Nutrition Coach

Born and raised in Iowa, I grew up in an active family, falling in love with fitness from early childhood. I participated on many team sports including cheerleading from Jr. High through collegiate level and track through high school. Majoring in Exercise Physiology at Iowa State University (2004 grad), I also became a NSCA certified personal trainer and taught a variety of group fitness classes such as spinning, bootcamp and yoga. I have been working in the fitness industry for almost 20 years and I’m also a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Wellcoach.

I feel blessed that I have married a man who has the same passion for health and fitness as I do. We practice what we preach and our last name has a unique and special meaning as well. SALVEO- “To be in good health: Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally.”

Early in our marriage, Gino and I competed in NPC Physique shows and then both fell in love with and became a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer , CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFti Kids certified and am a Precision Nutrition Coach.

Now, I can say that we both do what we do not only because we love it but because we want to share our passion with our family and friends in the community.

Lisa Ricker, CrossFit Salus Coach

Lisa Ricker, CrossFit Salus Coach

I started CrossFit in January, 2011. I had just stopped working after 25 years in telecommunications, and was significantly overweight and out of shape. My daughter was a CrossFitter, and encouraged me to do a Whole30 (basically a tough paleo challenge) and join a box. So I did. I lost 65 pounds and was totally hooked.

I have now been coaching CrossFit and CrossFit Kids since 2013. I am Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit Certified as well as CrossFit Endurance, Mobility, Olympic Lifting, Kids and Judging certificates. I am a USAW Level 2 Sports Performance coach. I have judged a number of competitions, including the CrossFit Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and East Regionals since 2013, and was lucky enough to judge at the CrossFit Games in 2013. I finished 195 world-wide in the CrossFit Open in 2013 (Masters Women 50-54).

I am fascinating by human movement and our resiliency. To learn even more I went back to school to get my DPT, a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy, in 2013. I graduated in 2016 and am now working with Rutgers on research. I’m back to training and competing after shoulder repair surgery in 2015. I live in Holmdel, with my husband, Chris.

Greg Douglas, CrossFit Salus CoachGreg Douglas, CrossFit Salus Coach

I was raised in Middletown, New Jersey and I still currently still live there with my wife. I have been involved in fitness and sports my entire life. From a very early age I played pee wee football, baseball, hockey and high school golf. I played football for Middletown North Lions and went on to play football for Western New England University in Springfield Massachusetts. During college I started to take a stronger interest in my overall health and fitness.

A few months after I graduated college, I took a position with the Secret Service. Having a strong fitness background really helped me excel during that six-month academy. I broke many fitness records and became the youngest physical fitness award recipient ever. Once I graduated, I became a PT instructor for them as well.
Currently, I am A US Marshal. It was during the US Marshal Academy that I was first introduced to CrossFit. My first workout was MURPH and let’s just say I was hooked. This career has provided me the opportunity to travel the world and “drop-in” at over 70 CrossFit gyms including boxes in Germany, Ireland, London, Hawaii, and Rich Fronning’s personal home gym. But my home gym and where my heart is, is at CrossFit Salus.

I am EMT & CPR certified, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Rich Scoza CrossFit Salus CoachRich Scoza, TripleX Weightlifting Coach

My journey into CrossFit started when I was becoming a father. I became very aware that I wanted to be much more than a couch dad and wanted to be as active as I used to be in High school and College years. I am an avid board sport enthusiast (Skateboarding, snowboarding, Surfing) and have been playing hockey since the 6th grade. CrossFit was an easy leap for me since I have never fit in with the masses…Globo gyms were never my thing. CrossFit made me faster, stronger and have more stamina on the ice/rink, the water/ asphalt and at home. I have been now doing CrossFit since 2011 and am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

As I got deeper into CrossFit I found that I was attracted to the barbell the most. I then met a few like-minded lifters where I train in NY (CF Hell’s Kitchen) and have since received my USAW certification as a Sports Performance Coach. My best lifts are 72 kg Snatch/ 90kg C+J.

My coaching philosophy is very traditional: Learn every facet of the lifts and break them down to where they are easily translated to the student or client. Learning the positioning makes you a better lifter. Slowing down and isolating movements will help with strength and technique. Technique trumps strength every time!

Steven Gluckstein CrossFit Salus CoachSteven Gluckstein, CrossFit Salus Coach

I was born and raised in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I was dedicated to Tae Kwon Do from ages 3-10 where I earned my first degree black-belt. After the school shut down I moved to gymnastics. When I was 10 years old my coach, and world champion, Tatiana Kovaleva asked me to join the trampoline team. Within those 17 years I’ve traveled and competed across the globe, including the 2012 & 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

I started CrossFit in 2012 with Coach Gino just after the London Olympics. I quickly became addicted to the push and becoming a better & healthier version of myself. I have a passion for coaching as I’ve coached gymnastics since 2004. Gymnastics calls on absolute attention to every slight movement and body position, and I love that “aha!” moment as a coach when I’ve helped a student figure it out.

I’ve recently retired from competitive Trampoline-Gymnastics and accepted a position as the Head National Team Coach for the Junior National Team. I love coaching and I love helping people.

I look forward to the next opportunity I can help you!

Cheryl Podmajersky, CrossFit Salus Coach

I started CrossFit officially in 2011. I had been doing CrossFit type workouts at a globo gym but as I got stronger dumping weights was not allowed so I joined my first box. This is when I fell in love with CrossFit and more importantly the community. I was encouraged by the box owner to get my level 1 certification in 2012 and began coaching.
I loved working with people who were new to CrossFit showing them the way to becoming a strong, fit and more importantly a mentally tough person.
In 2013, I received my USAW Olympic lifting Sport Performance Coach certification and I have been coaching ever since.
I have been lucky enough to judge at east coast regionals and ECC for several years. Last year I was selected to be head of volunteers for the warm area and athlete village for east Coast regionals. It is so fun to watch these athletes move and I learn a ton which allows me to bring back to my athletes I coach.

Cat Galli, CrossFit Salus Coach

CrossFit Salus Coach, Cat galliBorn & raised in Bensonhurst Brooklyn growing up my favorite subject when asked was “gym” and “a little science”
Dedicated to Tae Kwon Do from age 11-17, I obtained my black belt and later ran classes. In 1989 I stumbled upon my first yoga class in high school and have been hooked since. Body awareness, & meditation was something I was already accustomed too and just crave in my life. After graduating college, I found myself doing exactly what I said I’d never do, working in financial services downtown NYC. After 4 years I made a major career change, went for an associates degree in Occupational Studies, passed the NY state board and have been a licensed and working massage therapist since 2001. I still love what I do and have since complimented my practice with a CrossFit mobility trainer cert, as well as FMT Blades certification by Rocktape.
In 2011 I obtained my Yoga Works teacher trainer cert.
But at age 38 and a mother of an infant and toddler, I found myself exhausted and feeling the weakest I ever felt. I wanted to feel strong again and more importantly be strong for as long as I could as a Mother to my boys. So I started CrossFit workouts in my garage with my husband, went for my CrossFit Level 1 certification and about a year after found CrossFit Salus in 2013. I have since grown a deep appreciation and love for the Olympic lifts and compete in USAW sanctioned meets throughout the year.
As a massage therapist, Yoga Instructor and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer I seek to align and connect the Body, Mind & Soul bringing awareness in everything we do.

Chris Mulvaney, TripleX Weightlifting Coach

I started CrossFit back in 2013 when CrossFit Salus first opened their doors! I had just recovered from a 2 year battle with Lyme Disease and wanted to get my strength and energy back up. I always tried to jog and lift weights, but it became quite boring over time. When I would do WODs, I always liked the Olympic weightlifting portion and had the strength to make some impressive lifts. Over time, I became more interested in the technique of the snatch and clean and jerk, and even the competitive nature of the sport. Since 2016, I have competed locally either winning or making podium and nationally placing second in the 2016 American Masters National Championships. My best all-time lifts are a 110 kg snatch and a 142 kg clean and jerk.

The majority of my coaches have been trained with the Ukrainian style of weightlifting and have been at and in the top ranks of the sport. Karyn Marshall (World Champion Weightlifter who has recently been inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame) and Nick Curry have coached me and were trained by Naum Kelmansky who was a member of the Soviet Union’s weightlifting team and a coach at the Soviet Sports Institute in Kiev, Ukraine. I also occasionally train under Marc Cohen who is a USA Olympics Weightlifting coach who has improved my technique and helped me develop a keen eye while coaching.

In 2016, I received my USA Weightlifting certification as a Sports Performance Coach. I have a gym in my basement at home and I have 4 platforms with competition equipment at my office. I’m REALLY into weightlifting! Helping athletes with their technique and seeing improvements as they train is very rewarding. I’m excited to help you set the bar and achieve a new level.


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