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We are excited to announce the introduction of our new USAW Sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting Club membership option!


TripleX Weightlifting club membership includes individualized programming, access to our performance tracking system, USAW Certified coaches and an energized environment with athletes preparing for meets.

How Can I Attend?

TripleX Weightlifting Members

Reserve all weightlifting classes via your Wodify app.

CrossFit Salus Members

Sign-in for weightlifting classes via your Wodify app. You may “drop-in” at anytime through the website linked here.


To attend any weightlifting class you may “drop-in” for through the website linked here.

All reservations must be made by midnight the night before.

All Levels

All levels are welcome, based on weightlifting standards for the U.S., you will fall under the appropriate level for your weight class and total. 

Get Started

Email for more information  on membership and how to get started today.

What is Olympic Weightlifting?

The Sport of Olympic Weightlifting is one of the world’s most misunderstood and under appreciated sports. Part of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, Weightlifting is the only Olympic Sport in which heavy weights are used.

There are two recognized Weightlifting events, the “Snatch” and the “Clean and Jerk”. In the Snatch, the bar is pulled in one explosive motion from the floor to full arm’s length overhead. The combined attributes of great strength and blinding speed are needed to accomplish this challenging event effectively.

In the Clean and Jerk, the bar is also lifted to full arm’s length overhead. However, although it is considered one event, the Clean and Jerk is really two lifts that must be completed immediately after the other. In the clean, the bar is raised (pulled) in an explosive motion from the floor to a point of rest approximately at the level of the shoulders. The second part, the Jerk, consists of bending the legs and then extending both the arms and the legs to bring the bar to full arm’s length over the head in one explosive motion.

Why Olympic Weightlifting is important to general fitness, and athletic development.

Olympic Weightlifting is a safe and time efficient way to develop multiple athletic capacities within:

  1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
  2. stamina
  3. strength
  4. flexibility
  5. power
  6. speed
  7. agility
  8. balance
  9. coordination
  10. accuracy

Olympic Weightlifting consists of a “ground based” series of movements designed to create strength and power. This will carry over into any sport you’re currently participating in whether it be: Football, Soccer, Running, Baseball, Tennis, CrossFit, etc…

What happens during a CrossFit Salus Olympic Weightlifting Class?

Each of our Olympic Weightlifting classes are under the supervision of a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach. All ability levels are welcome to attend these classes!

Each class consists of:

  • Dynamic warm-up, and flexibility.
  • Skill-Transfer and Skill-Development movements pertaining to the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.
  • Hands-on feedback.
  • A progressive program for all ability levels.

Whether you’re new to the lifts, fine tuning your skills for CrossFit, or developing your athletic capacity for another sport, this class is for you!


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