Athlete of the Month: Sal Mannarino

May 5, 2019 Written by

Congratulations to Sal Mannarino, our May 2019 Athlete of the Month.  Sal has made great strides over the years at CrossFit Salus.  He never misses an opportunity to get better and puts in the time to work on what were once his weaknesses, such as mobility, Olympic lifts, and advanced bodyweight exercises like muscle ups. He is very motivated and has the drive and determination to set goals and accomplish them. You’ll find Sal at the box early... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Maria McGoey

April 20, 2019 Written by

We’re so excited to feature Maria as our next Athlete of the Month! While she’s only been doing CrossFit for one year, she has really demonstrated a shift in confidence and determination to excel. That’s just the kind of thing that inspires other members to get better and inspires us as coaches, too!! She’s kicking butt and taking names! Meet the April 2019 Athlete of the Month… Maria McGoey! April 2019 Athlete of the... Read More

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Athletes of the Month: Kelli & J

February 15, 2019 Written by

We couldn’t be more honored to announce this month’s Athletes of the Month… yet sad as it is their last month at CrossFit Salus before they move. Kelli & J have been such an incredible addition to the Salus family, bringing positive energy to every class they attend, endless jokes and laughs wherever they go and a level of determination that is second to none. Enjoy their testimony below as it brings inspiration to your day. We’ll... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Cal “CrossFit makes me SMILE!”

January 5, 2019 Written by

When Cal came to CrossFit Salus, we already knew she was a BA CrossFit athlete. But, her strong desire to improve skills and take her training the next level has been clear. We love watching her continue to make progress at the box and in the sport of Olympic Lifting. Thank you for inspiring us through all your hard work and dedication, Cal! We’re proud of your accomplishments and are honored to recognize you as our first Athlete Of the Month for... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Trade Girgus

December 6, 2018 Written by

Five years old. FIVE! That’s when Trade started CrossFit in the CrossFit Salus Kids program. Now, he has evolved into a well-rounded CrossFit Salus Teens athlete! Coach Gino says, “Trade is focused and responds to coaching with consistency. With the support of his parents Mark and Amy, he comes in prepared for every class, with a strategy and ready to challenge himself to be a better version of himself! I’m very proud of his progress... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Camilla Gluckstein

November 4, 2018 Written by

There are so many reasons why we agreed that Camilla Gluckstein deserves to be featured as the CrossFit Salus November Athlete of the Month. She’s been on our list for months, as she has overcome major obstacles this past year and always comes out on top. She just keeps improving so much each month, and now that she’s currently in Russia to compete in her 5th World Championships for Trampoline, it’s high time we brag on her profile! One... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Cancer Survivor, Johanna Gordon

October 6, 2018 Written by

Wow! What an inspiration we have this month! Johanna Gordon joined CrossFit Salus a few years ago and then life threw her a major curve ball. Cancer. On top of overcoming the side effects of her treatments and being an amazing mother, Johanna has remained positive through it all. Did we mention this girl is STRONG– both inner strength and physical strength! Not only is she a cancer survivor with laser-like focus on living her best life, but she... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Brian Reilly is Healthier Than Ever!

September 15, 2018 Written by

Congratulations to Brian Reilly for being our September Athlete of the Month! Although he may be quiet, he’s incredibly strong, one of our most consistent members and still progressing and challenging himself daily! Recently finishing up Foundation Nutrition Coaching, Brian lost 6% of body fat, losing 13 pounds (none of which was a muscle loss). And he’s not done with his goals as he heads into the maintenance program with Coach Angela... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Megan Fuentes “CrossFit Helps Me Stay Focused”

August 12, 2018 Written by

Congratulations to long-time member, Megan Fuentes for being named CrossFit Salus Athlete of the Month for August! Megan joined us in 2015 and is always smiling, bringing positive energy to every class she attends. Drawn to the sport by her dad, CrossFit is now an important part of her life, helping her stay focused. We are proud to have you a part of the Salus family and thanks for stepping in to coach CrossFit Salus Kids class this summer! Megan... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Brian Zink Talks About Success One Day At a Time

July 11, 2018 Written by

Brian Zink has been a member at CrossFit Salus since April 2016! We met him a few months before that during the CrossFit Open. You may not know it, but he’s a very competitive person. And he’s on a mission to RX all of the CrossFit 2019 Open WODs. Approaching every day at the box with enthusiasm, Brian does a great job of adding a dose of healthy competition (and jokes) to any class he attends. He leaves it all on the floor and strives... Read More

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