Clean and Jerk Clinic with Steve Swistak

November 18, 2018 Written by

Sign up for our next specialty Clean and Jerk clinic Coached by Team USA Member and 3-times CrossFit Games Athlete, Steve Swistak. Clean & Jerk Clinic: December 1, 2018 The success and response from our last weightlifting clinic was amazing — so we’re following it up with a Clean and Jerk Clinic! Mark Your Calendar! Saturday, December 1, 11:30-2:30. Space is Limited  Early Registration:$70 (through November 28). $90 after Nov. 28. Email... Read More

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Traveling to a New CrossFit Box? CrossFit Drop in Etiquette: What You Need to Know Before You Go.

November 5, 2018 Written by

Traveling to a new box? Check out these five CrossFit drop in etiquette reminders to help you be the best guest and have the best experience. Whether you’re traveling for a business trip across the country or for an exotic vacation across the equator, it can be exciting to try out a new CrossFit box so you don’t miss out on your workout. Thankfully, one of the great things about CrossFit is the community, so you’re in luck. But, make sure you... Read More

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Healthy Popcorn Recipe

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the dangers of microwave popcorn. If you’re looking for a new healthy popcorn recipe, we’ve got you covered! Is popcorn bad for you? ahhhhh! It can be, depending on how you pop it. Microwave popcorn bags can be toxic and some brands (especially at the movies) can have hidden (dangerous) ingredients, flavors & preservatives. In fact, a FDA report indicates that the chemical coating used in microwave... Read More

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Athlete of the Month: Camilla Gluckstein

November 4, 2018 Written by

There are so many reasons why we agreed that Camilla Gluckstein deserves to be featured as the CrossFit Salus November Athlete of the Month. She’s been on our list for months, as she has overcome major obstacles this past year and always comes out on top. She just keeps improving so much each month, and now that she’s currently in Russia to compete in her 5th World Championships for Trampoline, it’s high time we brag on her profile! One... Read More

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Keto Diet- Should You Do It?

November 3, 2018 Written by

Keto Diet, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Raw foods… What works for them, may not work for you. Nutrition. Diet. Way of life. Call it what you’d like. But, there’s a huge difference between an off-the-shelf meal plan and a plan individually personalized just for you. They Do The Keto Diet? That’s Cool. You Do You. Wondering if you should do the keto diet, too? Spoiler alert: I’m sorry to say, I’m not going to give you a yes... Read More

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Thanksgiving Thank You!

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Happy Thanksgiving CrossFit Salus! Over the last five years, Gino and I have put our entire heart and soul into CrossFit Salus and truly love everything that it has become.  It is because of you. Every one of you are unique and bring something special into the box which makes the community as amazing as it is. Our community is bigger than just one person. It is greater than any one coach and any one member. It is about ALL of you. Each of you make... Read More

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CrossFit Salus…our name

November 1, 2018 Written by

Ever wonder how we came up with our name? CrossFit Salus The Latin word Salus has many meanings: health, well-being, safety and salvation. (pronounced ‘s ai l uh s‘) The “O” in CrossFit is the box that represents the three modalities most commonly found in CrossFit workouts including metabolic conditioning (like running, rowing and jumping rope), gymnastics movements (like push-ups, pull-ups, ring work and muscle-ups), and... Read More

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Should You Try a “No Barbell” CrossFit Endurance Class?

October 22, 2018 Written by

At CrossFit Salus, we offer a no-barbell CrossFit Endurance class, “Beyond Orange.” As the name implies, this specialty class is all about endurance, heart rate training and improving performance. You won’t find any barbells or heavy weight in this class. But you will find plenty of interval training. CrossFit Salus NO BARBELL CrossFit Endurance Class Are you interested in trying out CrossFit, but maybe not interested in moving... Read More

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How to Create a Bedtime Routine

October 21, 2018 Written by

Do you have a bedtime routine? Do your kids? You both should! Here’s why. Sleep does so much more than prevent us from feeling tired. When we sleep, we heal and repair our bodies. Get enough and you could experience an improvement in learning and memory (bonus for school!). Research also shows that getting enough sleep helps with feelings of anxiety and depression, and is associated with maintaining a healthy weight. Check out these bedtime... Read More

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Healthy Snacks for Kids (and Adults)

October 20, 2018 Written by

With sports in full swing, I thought it would be timely to shoot over a list of 30 challenge-approved, healthy snacks for kids (and adults). Surprise, many of these healthy snacks are like mini-meals. Hangry Bring Out The Crazies in Your Kids? Does hunger ever bring out the crazies in your kids? I’m sure we all just agree that it’s not just in kids… I get hangry if I don’t eat, too! Hangry – have you ever heard of it?... Read More

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