Athletes of the Month: Kelli & J

February 15, 2019 Written by

We couldn’t be more honored to announce this month’s Athletes of the Month… yet sad as it is their last month at CrossFit Salus before they move. Kelli & J have been such an incredible addition to the Salus family, bringing positive energy to every class they attend, endless jokes and laughs wherever they go and a level of determination that is second to none. Enjoy their testimony below as it brings inspiration to your day. We’ll... Read More

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Sleep 101: How does (a lack of) sleep impact performance?

February 10, 2019 Written by

Getting enough quality sleep is often emphasized for competitive athletes to promote physical and mental recovery from rigorous training sessions, minimize the risk of injury, prevent fatigue and boost performance. And losing sleep can directly impact performance, too. The last question we’ll address in our Sleep 101 series is how sleep – or a lack of – can affect your performance in CrossFit or weightlifting as it relates to competitions. How... Read More

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Sleep 101: How do cell phones mess with sleep?

February 8, 2019 Written by

Unless you’ve been asleep the past few years, you’ve probably heard the advice to turn off electronic devices before bedtime. But why? How does the blue light from cell phones actually mess with your sleep? How do cell phones mess with sleep? Snuggling up to your cell phone in bed has been shown to negatively impact sleep. Mostly, this is due to the mental stimulation they lead to. From constantly scrolling through social media or endless emails,... Read More

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Open Prep Clinics with Steven Gluckstein

February 7, 2019 Written by

Pullups | Toes to Bar | Ring & Bar Muscle Ups Through expert coaching and video analysis, learn the movement breakdowns, proper gymnastics progressions and positions and efficiency for these skill movements. These mini open prep clinics with Coach Steven Gluckstein are a great way to, you guessed it, refine those skills for the open! Choose one, two or all three! Open Prep Clinics Sunday, February 17 Times Clinic 1 Pull-ups at 10:30-12 Clinic... Read More

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Intramural Open 2019

February 6, 2019 Written by

For the second year, we will be holding our team-based “Intramural Open 2019 competition” to make things even more FUN and exciting during the CrossFit Games Open. What was once an intimidating event… is no more. What is the CrossFit Open? If you’re new to the sport, The CrossFit Open is an annual worldwide competition. Each workout is a secret kept by the Director of the CrossFit games- Dave Castro, which he releases on each Thursday... Read More

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Sleep 101: Can you repay “sleep debt?”

February 4, 2019 Written by

If sleep were a credit card company, most of us would be in trouble. Regardless of the cause, sleep debt is the accumulated amount of sleep loss from insufficient sleep. Can you repay “sleep debt?” Whether it’s due to a new Netflix series you can’t stop binging on or extra hours at the office, sacrificing sleep Monday through Friday is something we all do, more often than we’d like to admit. Lose an hour every night and you’re faced with... Read More

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Sleep 101: Should you still workout if you haven’t slept well?

February 2, 2019 Written by

Wondering if you should still workout if you haven’t slept well? We’ll address this question in the second of our Sleep 101 series. Should you workout if you haven’t slept well? Not sure if swapping sleep for exercise is a good idea? The general recommendation above is to get at least seven hours of sleep a night for most adults. But, some studies show that those who exercise during the day, versus those who don’t exercise at... Read More

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Life After the Nutrition Challenge

February 1, 2019 Written by

Life After the Nutrition Challenge You made it! After weeks of clean eating, being mindful of your portions, staying hydrated, exercising, mobilizing, sleeping like a baby, working toward your goals and motivating everyone around you! But, now what? What happens after the nutrition challenge? Preparing for life after a nutrition challenge is not a huge topic many nutrition challenges address (resulting in a lot of those notorious ups and downs).... Read More

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Sleep 101: How much sleep do you really need?

January 31, 2019 Written by

So, your training and nutrition are both on point, but you still don’t perform the way you want? Poor recovery  habits, like a lack of sleep, may be to blame. So how much sleep do you need in the first place? In this series, we’ll take a look at some of the most common questions about sleep. How much sleep do you need (really)? Most of us know that getting enough quality rest is important, but, far too few of us actually make shut-eye a priority.... Read More

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Maintaining Your Health & Nutrition During Travel

January 27, 2019 Written by

Vacations and traveling can put a damper on our health and nutrition goals in more ways than one. From added stress and interrupted sleep to more time seated and limited healthy food options, it’s frustrating to lose all the momentum you’ve gained recently. Don’t let one week undo all your progress and detour you from your goals. Maintaining health and nutrition during travel is easier than you may think. How? You just need to get a little creative... Read More

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