Sleep 101: Can you repay “sleep debt?”

January 26, 2020 Written by

If sleep were a credit card company, most of us would be in trouble. Regardless of the cause, sleep debt is the accumulated amount of sleep loss from insufficient sleep. Can you repay “sleep debt?” Whether it’s due to a new Netflix series you can’t stop binging on or extra hours at the office, sacrificing sleep Monday through Friday is something we all do, more often than we’d like to admit. Lose an hour every night and you’re faced with... Read More

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Hydration for Young Athletes

January 25, 2020 Written by

Hydration for young athletes (and adult athletes, too) is more important than you may realize. A drop in hydration can not only affect performance, but can also result in headaches and a decrease in their cognitive performance. Is your young athlete staying hydrated? Guess what? Thirst is not a reliable sign of proper hydration (for kids or adults). Experts recommend that young athletes drink plenty of water before a workout and every 15 to 20 minutes... Read More

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Nutrition for Performance: 5 Key Rules for Athletes

January 24, 2020 Written by

Do you know what it means to eat healthy? You’ve probably heard a few things here and there about “what to avoid” and “what to include” in your diet to improve the way your body looks and feels. But what about nutrition for performance? 5 Key Tips: Nutrition for Performance No doubt you’ve heard these nutrition tips before. And maybe you’ve discounted them because the celebrity tips sound more “fun.” While it can be tempting to turn... Read More

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Healthy Snacks for Kids (and Adults)

January 20, 2020 Written by

With sports in full swing, I thought it would be timely to shoot over a list of 30 challenge-approved, healthy snacks for kids (and adults). Surprise, many of these healthy snacks are like mini-meals. Hangry Bring Out The Crazies in Your Kids? Does hunger ever bring out the crazies in your kids? I’m sure we all just agree that it’s not just in kids… I get hangry if I don’t eat, too! Hangry – have you ever heard of it?... Read More

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Is Sugar Bad?

January 16, 2020 Written by

Is sugar bad? Will sugar make me gain weight? When is it OK to eat sugar? Many of us think of sugar as the white stuff people put in their coffee and the stuff that makes up most of those cereals in the breakfast “food” aisle. Sugars also occur naturally in many whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and even whole grains. You recognize these as “carbs.” Along with sugar, the macronutrient carbohydrates also includes starch (potatoes... Read More

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Eating Clean

January 13, 2020 Written by

Eating clean – especially if you’re involved in a nutrition challenge – can be tough initially. So here are three of my favorite meal prep tips & tricks to help you stay on track (and out of the candy bowl). 3 Super Simple Tips for Eating Clean The last thing you want is to leave eating clean to chance. Because chance equals unplanned snacks. And donuts. And maple syrup. And non-compliant dressing. Eating Clean Tip 1: Prepare If... Read More

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Want to RESET Your Mindset About Food? Ask Yourself This Question

January 10, 2020 Written by

RESET Your Mindset About Food Want to reset your mindset about food? Ask yourself this question and you’ll change the way (and the why) you eat. “Why did you eat today?” We know, that might sound like an odd question. And for some, the answer is obvious: “Uh, because I was hungry?” But, how true is that really? Think back over the course of your day – or even the past week. Every time you reached for food, did you do it... Read More

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Don’t Fall for the Quick Fix

January 8, 2020 Written by

You want results. We get that. But be careful not to fall into the trap. Don’t fall for the quick fix or the next diet fad. It won’t last. Buzz Words Are Confusing Trending diet words like Keto, macros, intermittent fasting, flexible dieting, paleo can be overwhelming. Confusing. Frustrating. With one search on Google, we’re faced with hundreds of options to help us get results. The problem? Promising unrealistic, unsustainable results, most... Read More

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Nutrition Challenge Food List: Here’s What You Need to Know

January 6, 2020 Written by

Nutrition Challenge Food List: Here’s What You Need to Know If you feel like your diet could use a reset, you’ve come to the right place. For most of us, our balance gets thrown out of whack, right around the holidays. If you’re craving some structure back in your life, check out our nutrition challenge food list and lifestyle guide to help you get back on track. It’s time to fuel up on the right stuff and ditch added sugars and ingredients... Read More

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“RESET” Lifestyle Family Challenge Rules

December 27, 2019 Written by

WHAT IS THE FAMILY CHALLENGE? The “RESET” Friends & Family Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge is a habit based program to help you achieve your energy, body composition and performance goals. The challenge begins Monday, January 13 and runs through Sunday, February 23. Improve your health & wellness in 6 weeks by adding a new habit every week. All nutrition challenge rules are below. WHO IS THE FAMILY CHALLENGE FOR? Do... Read More

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