How to Safely Cut Weight Before a Weightlifting Meet

December 12, 2018 Written by

How to Safely Cut Weight Before a Meet Catalyst Athletics Performance Menu Magazine  By Angela SalveoFoundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo recently wrote an article for the Catalyst Athletics Performance Menu Magazine. Below is a snippet of the article with expert insight from CrossFit Salus member, Dr. Yvonne Giunta-Lambros, MD, FAAP as well as insight from Brianna M. Diorio M.S., FDN-P, Clinical Nutritionist. Because the magazine is a subscription... Read More

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Nutrition for Teens

November 29, 2018 Written by

Tired of trying to get your teens to eat healthy? Whether your child is a competitive athlete, recreational athlete, student (or all of the above), nutrition for teens can be tricky. Nutrition for Teens: Fueling Your Young Athlete From sidelining sugar to sleeping for strength, nutrition and lifestyle factors play a huge role in improving athletic performance. Being the best athlete isn’t just about how much you train in the gym or on the field.... Read More

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Healthy Popcorn Recipe

November 5, 2018 Written by

I’m sure you’ve heard about the dangers of microwave popcorn. If you’re looking for a new healthy popcorn recipe, we’ve got you covered! Is popcorn bad for you? ahhhhh! It can be, depending on how you pop it. Microwave popcorn bags can be toxic and some brands (especially at the movies) can have hidden (dangerous) ingredients, flavors & preservatives. In fact, a FDA report indicates that the chemical coating used in microwave... Read More

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Keto Diet- Should You Do It?

November 3, 2018 Written by

Keto Diet, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Raw foods… What works for them, may not work for you. Nutrition. Diet. Way of life. Call it what you’d like. But, there’s a huge difference between an off-the-shelf meal plan and a plan individually personalized just for you. They Do The Keto Diet? That’s Cool. You Do You. Wondering if you should do the keto diet, too? Spoiler alert: I’m sorry to say, I’m not going to give you a yes... Read More

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Healthy Snacks for Kids (and Adults)

October 20, 2018 Written by

With sports in full swing, I thought it would be timely to shoot over a list of 30 challenge-approved, healthy snacks for kids (and adults). Surprise, many of these healthy snacks are like mini-meals. Hangry Bring Out The Crazies in Your Kids? Does hunger ever bring out the crazies in your kids? I’m sure we all just agree that it’s not just in kids… I get hangry if I don’t eat, too! Hangry – have you ever heard of it?... Read More

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

October 18, 2018 Written by

Healthy breakfast ideas… they can be the achilles heel of the modern day parent. Birch Benders makes a great healthy pancake mix! As a mom of twins, I know that mornings are crazy. Between dragging the kids out of bed and making sure their school bags are packed, it can be tempting to give breakfast the backseat. I get it. You don’t want to be repetitive with food items every morning, yet you have to be practical and keep things as easy as possible,... Read More

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How to Use MyFitnessPal Effectively | Foundation Nutrition Coaching

October 4, 2018 Written by

Ready to take your food tracking, water intake and measurements a step further? Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, lean out or feel more energetic throughout your day, MyFitnessPal is a user-friendly tool to help you reach your goals and set you up for success. On this post, I’m going to dive into some insider tips on how to use MyFitnessPal effectively. As a Nutrition coach, I love having the ability to see what my clients are eating... Read More

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ETA Fall 2018 Foundation Nutrition Challenge

September 29, 2018 Written by

What is the 14-Day ETA Fall Foundation Nutrition Challenge all about? The 14-day ETA Fall Nutrition challenge is NOT a diet. This is an introduction to healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will guide youth athletes and their parents on the right path to make positive choices throughout their entire life. Specifically designed for Elite Trampoline Academy athletes and their parents by Foundation Nutrition, our goal is to help participants develop... Read More

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Accountability: Do You Have a Plan?

Written by

Accountability Within A Strong Support Group One of the things we love most about this challenge is our awesome community. Our members are incredible at sharing their own advice, recipes, tips and tricks to help others succeed.  And what it all boils down to is having accountability within a strong support group. As we near the end of our nutrition challenge, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of this very thing. Stay on Course with Accountability Any... Read More

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How to Counteract Sitting All Day

September 28, 2018 Written by

Do you sit most of the day? Between eating, commuting, working, watching your kids play sports and lounging in front of the TV, sitting all day can wreak havoc on our bodies. How to Counteract the Effects of Sitting All Day I’m sure you’ve heard of the research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns: obesity and a cluster of other conditions like increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat... Read More

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