What is the CrossFit Salus Endurance Heart Rate Training Program

CrossFit Salus Endurance is a training program dedicated to improving fitness, performance and aerobic potential led by the expertise of our head Coach Gino Salveo and certified CrossFit Endurance Trainer and DPT, Lisa Ricker.

Using our new Wodify Pulse platform with MYZONE connected heart rate monitors, the focus is on running, rowing, jump roping and biking coupled with other bodyweight movements (no barbells or heavy weights here).

The goals?  Improve overall speed and endurance performance.

In a high-energy group setting, you will do sprints, interval training, tempo work and time trials. At the same time, you’ll learn about your individualized heart rate training methods.

Who is The CrossFit Salus Endurance Class For?

Tired of your same old routine?

Ready to spice things up?

If you live in Middletown, NJ and are interested in supplementing your current training regimen, the CrossFit Salus Endurance heart rate training program is for you.

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Just Starting Out

Our CrossFit Salus Endurance is perfect for anyone looking to take it up a notch and experience what the CrossFit Salus community is all about…but without the barbell.

On Ramp is not required to participate in our CrossFit Salus Endurance program. But, you will still learn safe movement patterns.

Endurance, Strength or CrossFit Athlete

This program is excellent for athletes looking to improve run times, train for a specific race or zero in on endurance techniques, such as pacing your WODs. Whether you are supplementing your current endurance program, mixing in aerobic work to your strength cycle or dialing in on your metcon as a CrossFit athlete, this program is for you.

How to Sign Up?

If you are new to CrossFit Salus, you may either purchase the 2x week CrossFit Salus Endurance program or “drop-in” when your schedule allows ($20/class).

If you are already a CrossFit Salus member, endurance is part of your membership, the only requirement is to purchase the MYZONE heart rate monitor.Sign Me up

Purchase your program here.

Schedule Your Free Trial

Schedule Your Drop In


When are the Classes?

See full schedule >>

Class size limited to 12 people.

What Should I Bring?

Bring your MYZONE heart rate monitor, plenty of water, sweat towel and your smartphone to track results.

CrossFit Salus Endurance Heart Rate Training

The goals of the CrossFit Salus Endurance heart rate training program are

  • to help you build aerobic capacity
  • to become a more efficient athlete

Ready to improve your endurance? Check out a free trial class!



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