Customized Group Nutrition Challenge

September 24, 2018 Written by

Now Offering: Create Your Own Customized Group Nutrition Challenge

Host a customized group nutrition challenge for your staff or with your own friends and family! Foundation Nutrition offers a simple and effective way to arm your team with nutrition knowledge, build camaraderie, provide accountability and boost motivation at NO COST to you, as the organizer.

customized group nutrition challengeWho Can Benefit from a Customized Group Nutrition Challenge?

Are you looking for a new team building activity for your staff?

Keep employees healthy, motivated and productive with a customized nutrition challenge for your business.

Do you have a group of friends or family who want to healthy together?

Your success is dependent on the support team you have surrounding you. No better way to embark on a lifestyle change than with a group of friends by your side! Rally up your crew and customize your own nutrition challenge for a fun, cost-effective way to stay on track!

How Does it Work?

  • This challenge is 100% online. No matter where your team is located, anyone…anywhere can participate.
  • As your customized group nutrition challenge guide, we’ll collaborate on the nutrition and lifestyle goals you wish to track (nutrition quality, food quantity, sleep, exercise, etc).
  • You get to choose the timeline (start date) for your 21 day group nutrition challenge. See seasonal launch ideas below.
  • Come up with a fun, creative name for your challenge.
  • Customize the challenge with your own image or logo.
  • Before the challenge even begins, I’ll provide participants with the tools and education they need to feel confident heading into their challenge.
  • You have the option to create a private Facebook Page where people can ask me questions, share successes, recipes, etc.
  • Participants will track their goals right on an app from their smartphone.
  • View real-time results through a fun leaderboard.
  • Throughout the challenge, I will help participants stay on track with motivational and educational content.
  • When the challenge is over, participants will have the option to continue their healthy lifestyle with individualized nutrition coaching.
  • Together, we’ll determine the final price point* for your participants, identify prizes and much more (see below).
  • Schedule a time to talk through your ideas and questions.

Consider a seasonal launch such as:

  • “Healthy through the Holidays”
  • “New Year, New You”
  • “Spring Ahead”
  • “Summer Shred”

How much does a customized group nutrition challenge cost?

The cost for a customized group nutrition challenge will depend on the number of individuals you have participating in the challenge plus the base rate to create your customized challenge.

Contact Coach Angela at to find out how the base rate and participant rate for your challenge can be easily wrapped in to the individual’s registration fee, making it no cost to you, as the organizer.

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk!



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