In-House Oly Meet April 12

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Register for our Second In-House Olympic Lifting Meet with our friends from CrossFit Triple Threat

You’ve all been working very hard to get stronger and more proficient at the Olympic lifts… so now it’s time to test yourself in our second in-house CrossFit Salus Oly Meet! This meet will be informal, yet run on a schedule. While this is not an official USAW-sanctioned event, it is an opportunity for you to test yourself in a new way. Unlike many CrossFit competitions where the events are unknown, an oly meet will always be the same: 2 attempts at a max snatch and 2 attempts at a max clean and jerk. We’ll be following standards for the competition though, so that means no “ugly” lifts”: no press outs, no dropping to a knee, etc.

The goal is to get you comfortable for how a real meet will run. Even if you haven’t put much thought into competing before, this will be a fun, relaxed experience for anyone that wants to give it a try and push themselves the the next level!

We hope to see many of you sign up for some friendly competition. If you need extra prep, just a reminder that our Oly classes happens every Monday night at 6pm, Fridays at 9:30am, and Saturdays at 8am.


Sunday, April 12, 9am

Submit to Participate:

Email your estimated body weight and the two weights you will attempt for the snatch and two lift attempts for the clean and jerk to

Scores will be based on total weight lifted and body weight ratio (weigh-in’s will happen the morning of the competition).


Get focused on your Oly goals and join our second in-house Olympic Lifting meet.


There may be a minimal cost of $10 associated with participation (TBD).


CrossFit Salus, Middletown

Even if you choose not to participate, we encourage all members to come watch and cheer on the athletes for the competition!




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