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CrossFit Life: My Thoughts So Far

It’s only been 3 weeks since I started with CrossFit Salus and yet everything about my “fitness world” has seemed to change.  While I’m still a newbie with a long way to go, here are 5 things I’ve learned already since starting.

1. Don’t knock it til’ you try it

I admit it, I used to be a hater on the CrossFit craze as are many other people nowadays.  I knew there was a method to Greg Glassman’s madness, but I didn’t quite understand it. I also wasn’t fond of the Olympic Lifts simply because I had never been truly exposed to them as a young athlete. However since starting CrossFit, it’s been the total opposite of what I expected. CrossFit seems to emphasize the most efficient, powerful and quickest way to overcome a physical challenge.  True CrossFitters embrace that and know the only thing stopping them from getting better is themselves.

2. Start where you’re at.

A strict pull-up for me is like the Holy Grail (or my “goat” as we say at our box) in my fitness journey. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than 1 pull-up consecutively that wasn’t unassisted. (I guess I can say the same about pushups, handstand pushups and ring dips). It’s easy to look at everyone else and get discouraged about what I can’t do. However, the beauty of CrossFit is that it’s scalable, everything can be modified so you can both challenge yourself and build confidence until you “kill your goat”.

3. No mirrors, no ego.

I’ve never really noticed until now that most CrossFit boxes I have been to do NOT have mirrors. Ever wonder why? I’m starting to think this is actually a great way to build better athletes. With a mirror, it’s easy to “cheat” yourself and rely on what you see instead of what you feel. Without mirrors to reflect what you are doing, you have to rely on your intuition, mind-body connection and body awareness to do each movement correctly.  Without a mirror, it becomes more of a habit to trust and “listen” to your body.  In addition, I think not having mirrors in a CrossFit box can have a positive psychological effect on people as well.  Without a mirror, people can focus on pushing themselves and those around them to do their best rather than being concerned about “how they look”.

4. It’s ME vs. ME.

I no longer care about competing against others as much as I want to compete against myself. I can admit that I love to compete. However, CrossFit is much more than trying to outperform everyone around you. It’s about setting goals and completing them. It’s about challenging yourself and believing you can complete that challenge. Which leads to me to my last and final point…

5. This truly IS a family.

From the moment I walked in, everyone I met was smiling and happy to welcome me to the box. I believe the intensity of CrossFit tends to bring like-minded individuals together who have a mutual respect for one another. We all do the same WOD together, pushing through to the end and encouraging each other not to quit. Also, I’m sure all of us at CrossFit Salus can agree that we’ve been blessed with two wonderful coaches and leaders in Gino and Angela Salveo who both emphasize good form and technique while pushing us to our physical and mental limits. With all that being said, it’s no wonder why CrossFit has become so popular and why everyone at CrossFit Salus is so committed.

It’s easy to quit a gym but it’s not easy to quit a family.



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