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Coach lead warm up: (No Measure)


Partner Rowling (Teams of 2) (Time)

For time: (20 min time cap)

2000 meters for time split between two partners. 10 rounds each on the rower, looking to land exactly on 100 meter intervals until the each athlete completes 10 rounds alternating on the rower.

There will be a penalty for every meter under or over the 100 meter interval. For example, if you land at 97 or 103, penalty is 3 burpees. Partner getting on the rower must wait until their partner completing the penalty is finished before they begin rowing. They can sit ready on the erg as they wait.

*Enter the time when the last interval is complete including the penalty burpees if applicable.


Complete in a 15 min window:

— Upper Body —

1. Puppy Pose – 1:00

2. Shoulder to Floor – 1:00/each

— Lower Body —

1. Couch Stretch – 1:00/each

2. Pigeon Pose – 1:00/each

3. Pike – 1:00

4. Straddle – 1:00



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