CrossFit Salus Competitors Program

Competition Prep

Competition Prep is designed for athletes who are interested in participating in CrossFit competitions. For example, The CrossFit Games Open or other local individual or partner competitions.   

For those ready to take The CrossFit Open to the next level, this programming will develop your strength, conditioning, skills, mobility and mental game to the highest levels.


Tandem or Private Coaching

Through an intensive private or tandem coaching program, Coach Greg Douglas will address your individual needs and push you into that advanced level you’re looking for to succeed.

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Who should sign up for Competition Prep?

This program is for any athlete and any skill level; for those who want to better themselves and push beyond what they think is possible.  It is open to members and nonmembers of CrossFit Salus.

We will make a plan to get you to your goals.

What Will Be the Focus?

We will maximize your potential, bring up your weaknesses and focus on three main areas:

  • Conditioning Work Capacity: You will receive specific workouts designed for only you.
  • Strength: The stronger you are, the better you’ll place.
  • Skills: You’ll experience big sets of muscle-ups, HSPUs, pistols, double-unders, butterfly pull-ups, and handstand walks so you feel comfortable doing these movements under fatigue.

CrossFit Coach Greg Douglas

How Does It Work?

Coach Greg will design a unique program for you (and only you).

He will sit down with you talk with you about your goals, whether it be GPP, crushing local competitions or even The CrossFit OPEN.

I will talk about mindset with you. How to best maximize your skill level in a given workout and give you specific markers to hit each workout. We will talk about pacing and how not to redline in a workout so you can push harder in the last round than you did in the first round.

Whatever your goal may be Greg is here to help you.

Next Steps

  1. Purchase your competition coaching program online.
  2. Choose either Tandem or Private coaching sessions.
  3. Contact us at to schedule your first session.

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