Open Prep Clinics with Steven Gluckstein

February 7, 2019 Written by

Pullups | Toes to Bar | Ring & Bar Muscle Ups Through expert coaching and video analysis, learn the movement breakdowns, proper gymnastics progressions and positions and efficiency for these skill movements. These mini open prep clinics with Coach Steven Gluckstein are a great way to, you guessed it, refine those skills for the open! Choose one, two or all three! Open Prep Clinics Sunday, February 17 Times Clinic 1 Pull-ups at 10:30-12 Clinic... Read More

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Bar Muscle-Up Progressions

January 11, 2018 Written by

Common Bar Muscle-Up Progressions for CrossFit The Bar Muscle-Up (BMU) is a performed differently than a pull-up. Written By Steven Gluckstein: CrossFit Salus Coach The pull-up is performed with a vertical movement, up and down, where the bar muscle-up is performed with momentum moving forwards and backwards; with the backwards movement snapping back hard enough to throw the body over the bar. Common CrossFit Gymnastics Progressions to Get Your First... Read More

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Muscle Up Clinic with Steven Gluckstein

July 28, 2015 Written by

Hands-on Muscle Up Clinic Through expert coaching and video analysis, learn the movement breakdowns of a muscle up, proper gymnastics progressions and positions, muscle up connection efficiency and spotting tips. This one-time 90-minute clinic is for beginners as well as advanced CrossFit competitors. Sign up now! Date Friday, August 14th Time 6-7:30pm Cost $30 Salus members.  $40 members from other CrossFit boxes. Coach Coach Steven Gluckstein Where Crossft... Read More

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