Nutrition for Teens

November 29, 2018 Written by

Tired of trying to get your teens to eat healthy? Whether your child is a competitive athlete, recreational athlete, student (or all of the above), nutrition for teens can be tricky. Nutrition for Teens: Fueling Your Young Athlete From sidelining sugar to sleeping for strength, nutrition and lifestyle factors play a huge role in improving athletic performance. Being the best athlete isn’t just about how much you train in the gym or on the field.... Read More

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Rest Day

September 18, 2018 Written by

Incorporating a rest day after exercise is essential to achieving performance goals, weight-loss or weight-gain goals, improving energy, sleep and much, much more.  What is a Rest Day? A rest day is when the body repairs, rebuilds and strengthens itself in the time between workout days. Incorporating recovery time is important because this is the time that our bodies adapt to the stress of exercise; and allows our body to replenish energy stores... Read More

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Summertime Nutrition Challenge Begins May 15

April 13, 2017 Written by

Is it summer yet?! Beach season is right around the corner (really it is) so it’s the perfect time for a nutrition challenge! Achieve Your Diet and Fitness Goals Whether your goal is to lose weight and look amazing in your swimsuit, or you’re looking for serious performance gains, this Challenge is for you. During the Challenge, You will have all the tools you need to succeed like weekly meal plans, recipe books, and tons of support.... Read More

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August 3, 2016 Written by

Ready for the 2016 Lurong Living Championship Nutrition Challenge? If you are looking to make some serious improvements to your diet and fitness so you can achieve your goals, this is your answer. Why Join the Challenge What is really cool about this Challenge is that there are 3 diet and workout skill levels, so nobody has an excuse to sit this one out! Everything is conveniently tracked on their website (food, performance, body composition) so... Read More

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Paleo Challenge 2015

December 3, 2014 Written by

Hold your resolutions accountable! Last year our box lost 140.7 pounds with the Lurong Paleo challenge. Sign up today to start the New Year off right! Sign up under “CrossFit Salus” for the 2015 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge now: The challenge runs 5 weeks beginning January 19th, 2015 at 12:00 AM EST and ending February 22nd, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. During the 5 week Challenge you will be earning... Read More

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